Book Planning – $600

If you are in the beginning phase of writing your book or still trying to nail down your idea, Author Accelerator’s Blueprint for a Book can help you build a strong foundation from idea to finished outline. This is a four-week program in which we will take an extensive deep-dive into your book idea, and at the end, you will walk away with a first and last chapter, working outline, and a detailed plan for moving forward. I will provide thorough written feedback which we will then discuss on a 1- hour phone or zoom call for clarification and next steps. Ready to Plan your Book?

Ongoing Book Feedback – $150/session

If you want accountability, clear and honest feedback, and heartfelt encouragement on your work, this is the choice for you. We will set up a schedule to meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly (it’s up to you), and you will submit up to 20 pages one week before each session. You’ll leave the session with feedback on what’s working, suggestions on how to improve, and a clear plan for moving forward. This plan is ongoing and can last as little or as long as you need. Ready to Write Forward?

Big Picture Manuscript Evaluation – $4 per page

If you have a finished manuscript and aren’t sure what to do next, I can help you see the big picture. I’ll read your manuscript and locate any big picture concerns like themes, plot issues, and character development. I’ll return your manuscript back with thorough feedback about what’s working, what could be improved, and how to move forward. This will include a 1-hour online call for discussion and questions. Ready for The Big Picture?

Test-Drive Coaching Session – $150

This is a great way to discover what it’s like to work with me. I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out about your project, no matter its stage of progression – finished manuscript, work in progress, or just the first seeds of an idea. I’ll provide specific feedback, give you a few days to digest it, and then we’ll schedule a 45-minute coaching call to discuss. Ready to Test-Drive Book Coaching?

Monthly Accountability – $100/month

The option is great for writers who have a good handle on their story and the forward movement of their writing project, but they’d like to check in with me and (if available) their fellow writers for accountability and encouragement. This package includes weekly email check-ins, a 30-minute personal meeting with me each month, and a monthly group session to talk about best practices, writing craft, and finding the time to write. Ready for Monthly Accountability?

Additional Services

I offer a query package to current clients which includes a synopsis, query letter, sample pages, a list of agents, and a pitch plan. Please Contact Me for details.