For writers who want one-on-one attention and mentorship, as well as helpful and thoughtful edits for your novel or memoir (I have experience working in both), coaching is likely the option for you. Whether you are in the early writing and planning stages of your book or you’ve been tinkering with a draft for years, I can help you figure out your next steps. We will sharpen your focus, set project goals, identify your ideal reader, consider outlining, and figure out the deep-level WHY of your story.

This process will save you time and energy when it comes to the many moving parts of becoming a published author such as revisions, building a writing portfolio, drafting and submitting query letters, and more. I can also provide input into how to choose the right agent for you, and how to overall improve your writing for future endeavors.


Plan Your Book: $400 – Time Commitment: One Month

This is for writers who want to write a novel or memoir, but they need guidelines to get started. Over the course of a month, you will dig into the deep-level why of the story you want to tell. Together, we’ll figure out the heart of your story, the point it wants to make, and why it matters. Then we will dig into plot, synopsis, potential comp titles, genre, and who you imagine as your ideal reader. We’ll cover character, point of view, tension, and the best place to begin and end your story. You will end the month with a polished first and last scene, a personalized guiding outline to refer to as you write your story, and a 1-hour video coaching call.

This is a fast-paced package with lots of work on both our parts, but in just a month’s time, you will be stunned at how much material you’ll unearth in creating the plan for your book.


Cultivate Your Book: $400/month

An extended version of Plan Your Book. This is for writers who want to work hard and continue what we’ve started together. In this package, which includes Plan Your Book (see above), you will begin writing forward. Once per month, you will send me new material (up to 10,000 words) and I will provide inline comments and a detailed editorial feedback letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your work. Each month we will wrap it up with a 1-hour video coaching call.

This package is open-ended and can be paused and returned to as needed.


Develop Your Book: $1000 – Time Commitment: Three Months

This is a longer variation of Plan Your Book, for writers who would like to take it a little more slowly. This package will give you everything you see in Plan Your Book, but we will stretch it out over three months. Each month, I will provide written feedback on your progress as well as a 1-hour video coaching call.


 Manuscript Evaluation: $600

This is for a close reading of your entire finished manuscript at any stage of the revision process. I will provide a detailed, multi-page editorial feedback letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your book’s structure, plot, character development, point of view, etc. This will also include an intake call and a 1-hour video coaching call.