“Working with Paulla has honestly changed me as an author. While we voyaged through the phases of developing my book idea together, I looked forward to our energetic exchange of ideas like a giddy kid. She brings such joy and compassion and generosity to the entire endeavor. (Imagine being excited to open your inbox for once—that’s a gift all on its own!) As a non-fiction author trying my hand at fiction for the first time, I was tremendously buoyed by Paulla’s creative instinct, her incredible depth of understanding, and the speed and ease with which she grasped the heart of my story and helped me identify its strengths and potentialities. She is a writer herself, and it can’t be underestimated just how valuable it is to have that shared language with your coach from the get-go. She taught me a great deal about how to be a cheerleader to the other writers in my life (lord knows, we need ’em!) and how to approach my own writing with a freedom I hadn’t experienced until now. I’m endlessly thankful, and Paulla will be getting a giant write-up in the acknowledgements when I go to print!”

Tanya K.